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Do All Assets Have Go Through The Probate Process Before They Can Be Distributed To Beneficiaries?

No. Life insurance, investment accounts and property held in joint and survivorship accounts are examples of assets that do not have to go through the probate process.

− Attorneys Jonathan Morris and Ivan Redinger, Canton, Ohio

Being named as the executor of someone’s last will and testament is a high honor. It is also an important responsibility. To avoid delays or legal problems, you will need advice from an experienced probate attorney.

At the law firm of Redinger & Morris in Canton, our lawyers will guide you through the probate process, including:

  • Determining which assets need to go through the probate process and which can be distributed directly to beneficiaries
  • Helping you collect information about the decedent’s assets and debts so you can provide that information to the court
  • Providing public notices to set a time limit on when claims can be filed against the estate
  • Filing any final income or estate taxes
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries according to the decedent’s wishes
  • Providing a final accounting to the probate court
  • Represent you in any litigation, disputes or will contests

We also represent people who are named as administrators of estates of people who died intestate (without a will).

Drafting Wills And Powers Of Attorney

In addition to representing executors of wills, we help individuals and families create wills, living wills and powers of attorney. Proper planning can do more than ensure that your assets are distributed as you intended upon your death. It can also help protect your assets while you are alive.

Questions about wills or probate? Contact the lawyers at Redinger & Morris in Canton, Ohio, for a consultation. There is no cost unless you decide to hire us.

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